Spectacular light show for friends and families to enjoy!

Why we do this

Back in 2007, Catherine and I were walking in Wal-Mart looking for a tiny box that was supposed to do everything I had seen in videos on YouTube. Or so I thought. When we found one, I was very disappointed in what it could do or better, what it couldn't do. The music it played sounded awful, it was limited in the amount of lights it could support, basically, it wasn't what I was looking for.

I searched the net to see what the "pros" were using. I stumbled on a company in Texas that made the boxes I think I needed. D-Light. I was happy, I was going to be able to be just like the "pros." Was I ever wrong. Nobody told me you had to have a software that needed to be programmed with the lights and that the blinking of the lights was carefully chosen by the programmer which would turn out to be me.

That was mid-November of 2007. I wanted this thing to work so I had a crash course on how to program the lights and the music that I chose. It wasn't easy. I managed to get a few songs lined up and bought about 1500 lights for the first year. We were in business. I will spare you the details on how many times the program crashed, how many times I lost everything for whatever reason. I think I improved my swearing during these times.

Fast forward to the years after, we managed to almost double our lights each year. Up until 2010, we had about 10000 or so lights. 2011 saw 20167 and this year, 2012 has over 28000+ lights. It isn't doubling anymore because we are running out of room. We are however planning for the next 2 years already.

December 13, 2011, was the first year that we decided to raise money for a charity. We have Make-A-Wish dear to our hearts so it was the one that we picked. For a first year, we raised 13692.78$. Had it not been to the generosity of the people in the greater Fredericton area and the surrounding communities, this would not have been possible. To all of those who contributed to this success, I would like to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Last but not least, to the residents of Parkside Estates, thank you for your unconditional support and patience. I know I have created so much traffic but in the end, it is all for a great cause and your support is greatly appreciated.

There is one more person that I must thank you. This person is no other than my lovely patient wife, Catherine. Without her undue patience and support, especially when things go wrong and trust me, it never is a simple walk in the park, I don't know where I would be. She is always there trying to help the best way she can. I love you my love and I thank you in believing in my weird and wonderful projects.

Dany  "Mr. Lights"